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Liontekila: Highlighted work and Collage Brand Collaborations

My latest work is mainly collage art, a medium that I began at a very young age as a daughter of two professional photographers and being surrounded by leftover scrap photo prints at home; I have developed my skills throughout the years taking it into my current main artistic activity. 

I think collage is an ideal form of joining reality and an ambitious fantasy to illustrate where we stand to others; both brands and individuals. I am especially passionate about creating content that allows businesses to connect with their clients and develop a bolder business image and identity through this medium. 

Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 13.57.57.png

Collage for Bimani (Clothing Brand)

Bimani is a Spanish slow fashion brand that gives special attention to detail in its design and elaboration. In this collage, I tried to capture the essence of their Founder and CEO, Laura Corsini, and her strong and profound connection to the brand. Laura published the collage on her Instagram, with a following larger 300k. 


Collage for Melissa Ganzi (Polo Player)

In collaboration with Snoopy Polo photographers, I created this collage that encaptures the best competitive year of the player, Melissa Ganzi. 

This creative piece was designed for a 2mx2,5m canvas print that is currently placed at the player's home. 


Collage for Carmela Gin (Gin Brand)

I created over 10 collages for Carmela Gin for their social media, where their product, the mango flavoured gin, was always present and related to different events of the year. On the left, the summer collage, and on the right, the Christmas collage. 

Untitled_Artwork 27.jpg
trigo 2.jpg
Anchor 1

Collage for Trigo Studio (Interior Design Firm)

Trigo Studio asked me to design a series of collages with their pictures for certain areas of their website. 

Liontekila: Custom Collage Art

Besides helping brands connect with their public through collage art, I have created my own business where I offer custom collage art for individuals; whether it to make a special gift to someone else, or decorate a space in their home, this project has received very good feedback from my public, selling to over 200 clients in the last two years. Please check out some of the references that past clients have written about my work: REVIEWS


These are some of the pieces that clients have given me permission to share and I am proud of. The challenge of this work, many times, is working with low-quality non-professional photography and capturing the style of the life of an individual that I don't personally know. 


Other Work


IB Visual Arts Process Portfolio

As a part of my IB Visual Arts Diploma course, I had to create 12 art pieces of any medium. In this process portfolio, I developed a step-by-step portfolio of my creative process; where I show how I am inspired by some of my most admired artists, thus taking their techniques into my pieces through my style. 

gdx516.ProcessPortfolioFINAL_compressed (1)_compressed (1)_reduce (1).jpg

Proyect Dossier for 'Ocho días de Invierno'  TV series

The design I elaborated for this dossier was inspired by the image the Director, Cecilio Caparrini, wanted to transmit to the producers. I based the design in my collage style, which allowed me to blend his inspiration ideas with the project he had created. 

Untitled_Artwork 45.jpg
Final + Mencion_compressed (1) (dragged) 2.jpg
Final + Mencion_compressed (1) (dragged).jpg
Final + Mencion_compressed (1) (dragged) 4.jpg
Final + Mencion_compressed (1) (dragged) 3.jpg
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